Moscow in the autumn will be protected for two AA batteries to C Shell


This second battery anti-aircraft missile and gun system (ZRPK) "Shell-C" in the fall of this year will go to the Russian troops Aerospace Defense (ASD), told reporters on Wednesday a representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and information on ASD troops colonel Dmitry Zenin .


"Currently, the air and missile defense in Moscow provide, along with the division PRO A-150, two anti-aircraft missile regiment C-400dvuhdivizionnogo composition deployed in Elektrostal and Dmitrov. One of them has already incorporates a battery "Shell-S", in September and October of the same battery pack and get a second regiment, "- said Zenin.

According to him, in August of this battery in the regiment of S-400, which is available in Dmitrov, hold on Ashuluk range near Astrakhan experienced combat shooting low altitude air targets.

The main objective of units equipped with ZRPK "Shell-S", is a cover S-400 "Triumph" by means of air attack.

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