Moscow Metro: completed excavation of the tunnel Southwest to Troparevo

Completed excavation of the first tunnel underground from the "Southwest" to "Troparevo," said Deputy General Director of JSC "Mosmetrostroj" Nicholas Brachkov.

Start shield was given a Nov. 1, 2012, he successfully passed the 1363 meters and came out on May 28 in those dimensions that have been identified. Construction of the station "Troparevo" conducted round the clock and seven days a week.

"There were a selection of the location of the station, now the station is located in specially protected natural complex. Previously, it was assumed in the construction of residential homes along Leninsky Prospekt, and it would be a great inconvenience to residents during construction. Therefore, it was found the project design of the station is in this zone, which will operate the station more comfortable, "- said N.Brachkov.

If the station was built on the opposite side of Leninsky Prospekt, the distance from the subway line construction to the home would amount to 30-40 meters, which would exclude the possibility to carry out works around the clock, said deputy general director of "Mosmetrostroy."

He noted that the start of the second tunnel between penetrations "Southwest" and "Troparevo" is scheduled for August 1, 2013.

Earlier, the deputy mayor of the capital M. Khusnullin said that the launch of the station "Troparevo" is scheduled for the end of June 2014.

"We" Southwest "to extend the" Troparevo "on it, we are planning to" Rumyantsevo "and" Salarevo. "" Troparevo "we run separately at the end of June next year, and the entire line, including the end — it’s December 2014 year "- said M.Husnulin.

According to him, the extension of Sokolniki line will solve the problem of end loading of existing stations and provide additional pedestrian accessibility has an underground neighborhoods within a mile.

M.Husnullin noted that in 2013 the construction of the subway can break the record for the length of all time underground.

"Overall, we reached the highest rates that have been achieved in the history of subway construction. During the best years when Moscow subway built throughout the country passed 13 km in a year. This year, we plan to reach 14 kilometers," — said the deputy mayor of the capital.

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