Moscow Metro: construction of the station Alma-Ata (PHOTOS)

The report’s author, Alexander "Russos" Popov


Yesterday walked quickly on this site. Prior to start-up only a little less than a month.

The architectural design of the station is very unusual, in my opinion. I do not understand, I like it or not. In general, look.

And for the seed with quote wikipedia"It is assumed that the main design element of the station hall will be in the form of metal structures along the longitudinal axis of the station nine pairs of parabolic arcs, each pair will have a common point of support on the platform, the length of the arcs — 11 m, at the ends of the arc will have a fan-shaped extension. The lighting will be located between the arcs of fluorescent lamps. "

1. North lobby. Thank you for not grave mound, as the southern section of the Lublin-Dmitrov line.

2. Installation of the escalator.


4. Suddenly — the same parabolic arc. He immediately remembered.

5. Start assembling the next arc.

6. Collected.

7. Painted.

8. And set in place.


10. It’s time for the tunnel. BSA under Gorodno river.

11. The cross on the site of the Congress mounting the camera.

12. Track work.

13. And here is how the rise of the depot. I thought the ground beneath it — and then, it turns out, so that’s overpass built. If you look closely, you can see that the height of the poles is reduced further.


15. Portal depot.

16. In the distance can be seen the construction depot.

17. I hate sodium lamps. All white balance spoil.

18. Oh! The arrow on the main road, which is concrete, rather than ballast. Very surprised.

19. LUT, the view in the direction of Krasnogvardeyskaya.

20. The view in the opposite direction.

21. And again in the direction of Krasnogvardeyskaya. :)

22. Place for special ties under hitchhiking.

23. Bucket for concrete.

24. The Congress of CERs towards station Zyablikovo.

25. Work on the bugs?

26. For some reason dual lighting haul. I went to dead ends for Krasnogvardeyskaya.

27. The border works next to the existing station.

28. Straight here quite border.

29. Other metro.

30. And looks like an emergency exit from the dead ends, the ground of which caused a burning sensation is not one generation of diggers. :)

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