Moscow Metro: improvement of the station Alma-Ata (PHOTOS)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


At the station, installed almost all the lights, there was the name of the track on the wall. In general, a brief photo review.

1. I do not know about the font, but that’s a red pipe, which kept the letters, I definitely like it.

2. Very eager to see the station in normal lighting conditions.

3. In this case, even something there.



6. On the facade of the north vestibule at the entrance, stained glass panels will be installed "Apple Orchard" work Zhamhana Aydar Zhamhanuly.

7. This is a copy of the panels installed at the station "Almali. "

8. When landscaping with colors and pattern of the tiles Kazakh reasons. There will also be planted the apple alley.

9. A general view of improvement.

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