Moscow Metro: station construction Pyatnitskoe (photographic)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


The second launch facility (the first — "Alma-Ata") — Work in full swing.

A brief photo review.

  • (C) Russos, 2011
  • (C) Russos, 2011

1. Exit to the south (underground) lobby.

2. The. I recall that the station is on a curve and has a two-span structure. One part (on the left) is decorated in dark colors, and the other — in the light.

3. The bright side of the station. This will come train with passengers. And may the force be with them!

4. Trim ends track wall.

5. The approach of the northern corridor of the escalator (ground) to the station lobby.

6. Escalators in the north lobby.

7. The station ventilation chamber. Located somewhere in the south lobby. Note the iron collar around the gate — it guides the air flow. For the first time I saw such a decision in the HVAC room.

8. Left tunnels. Camera congresses and tee off at the depot. This site was built back in the distant 90s.

9. A branch of the depot.

10. The rails are laid in it to the portal. Further construction depot.

11. Construction of the depot on the horizon.

12. Let’s go back to the tunnel and go to the dead end on the left side of the tunnel.

13. After a few days in the plenum on the end of a cul de sac will begin installation of the fans that have been removed from the old dead-end ventilation chamber (photo number 21).

14. Iron collar close up. Just a beautiful view.

15. End of the right tunnel.

16. The initial phase of the assembly of the track. Next to the rails of suspension polushpalki, do formwork and concrete flood the track.

17. And believe me, that shuttering looks much easier than a classic version.

18. Congress to turn trains. Please note that it is also the valve body, but it differs from the standard. This fire doors, which, if necessary, cut off the dead ends in the composition of the station.

19. On the left — the Congress for circulation to the right — a branch at the depot.

20. The boundary with the existing subway tunnel on the right.

21. Now, technical rooms, located where the tunnels ended, do not need: VOMDy dismantled, and the "Bork" vydablivayut old foundations from the fans.

22. The border with the underground in the LUT.


24. LPT near the station.

25. Note the wide column with shelves.

26. At first I thought that there would be light, but looking inside the structure that put there, he saw a small fan — this is an additional ventilation at the station.

27. South hall.

28. Laser level and installation of entrance doors.

29. Land pavilion to leave the city from the south lobby.

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