Moscow Metro: station construction Seligerskaya

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


At the site is well under way for the development of the pit mounting board, which will be held oblique stroke.

The last report from the site

Seligerskaya station — the beginning

  • (C) Russos, 2011
  • (C) Russos, 2011

The interesting point. The inner wall is easier to do at full height, and then otdolbit not right, than to do it right in the ground at half height.

2. A pit is deep.

3. Electric welder

4. Two drill make prigruzami Shield — they drill vertical "wells" that are then filled with concrete.

5. The foundation for winders.

6. Details of the shield.

7. Deputy. area commander.

8. Flyover complex and pile driver shaft number 962 — dead-ends at the station "Seligerskaya."

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