Moscow Metro: station construction Tepliy-2 (photos)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

SMU-5 continues to build the station "Tepliy-2." For a lot of faces at the station and driving of two spans in different directions. On the one that goes in the direction of the District, held recently at the current station. We walked carefully on his hands — only hammers.

  1. Denis, foreman. How difficult is it working, can be seen in one small scene that played out a little later.

2. Meanwhile, a team of drifters drive up the truck itself with tubings to the next ring. Locomotive went somewhere, but do not stop because of this same installation?

3. Brigadier Denis locksmiths pronounces that Petrovich, the foreman of drifters, not a good person, does not allow them to work. They need to extend the lunch pipes with compressed air and water to blokoukladchiku. A gang of drifters does not give them the opportunity to do so.

4. Came P. (actually his name is Nicholas, but it is addressed only by full name) and explained the simple and Russian language, where to go foreman fitters and what to do there. After adding that while his team does not ring mount — lunch will not.

5. Denis with his mechanic calmed the raging foremen and took Nicholas to resolve any issues, finally making it possible to extend the pipes locksmiths.

6. And while there is no compressed air can relieve the tubing.

7. Excavation was conducted approximately under this section, which is behind the curve. The distance between the lining — two and a half meters. Worked only at night.

8. A team of fitters quickly ramping up the pipe with compressed air.

9. Petrovich again clashed with the foreman fitters on who and when to work. Began very politely, but then each sent each other a known address. In the end, the foreman fitter said that, well, you, Petrovich, to build the tunnel, but if we do not lengthen the pipe, then your blokoukladchik and all mechanisms will rise. Weighty argument, Petrovic settling down for a couple of seconds and then it all starts over again. Got to nuts and surveyors who want to try on something. :)

10. In the end, everyone calmed down. Drifters adjusts two new tubing and pipe fitter lengthen.

11. Petrovich — credibility. Drifter with a great experience, feels like and what you need to do. And with such simple lines during installation of tubing is determined by the diameter of the tunnel. It is necessary that all points it was identical, then turn round the tunnel, rather than an ellipse.

12. Tubing and having put a little fixing it, they call Petrovich. He picks off and immediately gives the verdict: "There tuck, hit here, and here rasperet." Check measurement shows that the unit is correct.

13. Tubing for tubing …

14. Dismantle temporary support forehead of the face.


16. Blokoukladchika tail.

17. Right tunnels in the direction of the District.

18. Classic Metrostroy.

19. Cross with the approach galleries.

20. In the right station tunnels almost over bulkhead pilot tunnel at the station diameter.


22. And the left is ready. Now dismantling blokoukladchika ends.

23. The central hall of the station.

24. Due to the geological conditions of the station is to invert. Such a long time no …

25. Disclosed openings.

26. A partition of a tunnel on a larger diameter.





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