Moscow Metro: Tepliy-2 — the progress of works


Still grandiznoe construction — Moscow subway. Reports from the construction of me every time is incredibly impressive.

Author of the report — Dmitry Chistoprudov

The current station "Tepliy" — is only part of the station complex, which was originally planned to be built. Cross-platform transplant was conceived at this station during the Soviet era, when designing Serpukhovsko Timirjazevskoj-line. After the opening of the station in 1991 began the construction of its stand-in for a future Lublin line. But the works were stopped due to lack of funding, and only twenty years old metrostroevtsy returned to the tunnels. By the end of 2014, the new station will be opened for passengers.

1. General view of the construction site (panorama size). Red brick building in the center — it is an active station lobby "Tepliy" gray branches. To the right, next to it is seen under construction pit slope where the escalators are installed. Total built two slopes that will go into the ends of the new station. In the foreground — a warehouse tubing for tunnels and slopes.

Enlarge image

2. Bond tubing is bolted M-36.

3. Mining equipment at the top of copra and the cage for the descent to the mark of 64 meters. The trunk number 915 has been around since the late 80’s, and was used in the construction of the first more "Tepliy." Now we can say that this is the oldest Metrostroevskaya mine at the moment.

4. The operator stands.

5. Tokens metrostroevtsev walking down a job at the mine.

6. We go down into the ground and get into the development of the approach, which upon completion will be filled with concrete. Hauling rocks carried trolleys.

7. The station is built at a depth of 60 meters, and today it is one of the few stations that are being built "deep" way. Work is going around the clock in three shifts for 7:00. At this moment, is sinking in six faces.

The photograph shows how the workers are prepared to rise to the surface trolley.


9. Stoppers Moscow are not only on roads. In the area of the shaft are going to turn out trolleys with rock, and trains with empty long worms are returned to the side faces.

10. Mine electric trains to transport trolleys.

11. From the workings of approach in different directions fan run up tunnels — technological, cable, distillers.




15. Right station tunnel. Excavation work has been completed and now works there blokoukladchik.

16. The complexity of the construction is that near the new station is operating "Tepliy" (they are separated by a wall of 40 cm thick), so the excavation by drilling and blasting is prohibited. For the same reason you can not use and mechanized tunnel boring systems, which are used in the construction of new subway lines — they make when working vibration that can cause shifts beds, as this may damage the existing line.

This photo is visible layer cake of Moscow land at a depth of 64 meters.

17. Also of complicated geological conditions: rain pours from the walls of the underground water, water must be pumped out every day pumps.

18. On the left — the station tunnel, and the right middle tunnel, where the station platform will be located.

19. Guess the shape of the future station.

20. Part of the tubing would later be dismantled.


22. Operator mine electric locomotive.



25. I did not hear what kind of room, but apparently it serves through concrete solution.



28. Here they are real hard workers.



31. A line of trolleys waiting to load in the cage.




35. I am often in a newly built subway, so I can not stop and photographed everything)


37. Many thanks to the organizers of the survey! You have a very interesting and cool.

38. And the best view.

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