Moscow Metro: work on the construction of the car-marker art. Alma-Ata (PHOTOS)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


Two nights in a row overall size car checked on-line dating site Zamoskvoretskaya — tunnels and stations "Alma-Ata". Today, the plant is expected to test train, and I’m in the night from Thursday to Friday traditionally went into the ground — the car ride to the outline to show you this important and crucial stage.

Collection point has been specified station "Zyablikovo." Overall car will go first in her dead-ends, then on CERs (Service-connecting rod) moves to Zamoskvoretskaya line.

1. Slowly going to the station. Gabaritka expected half past two nights (it will come out of printers), but the station is necessary to get one in the morning, while it is open to the input — so just more convenient and easier.

2. One and a half hours of waiting, and overall the car came. Folding boxes result in a "fighting" position.

3. Talk plan the event. What we look, where to go.

4. Time is very short. On this night should check out the newly constructed area abutting the old tunnels, and it should be done before five in the morning — when the night ends with a window to work within the existing subway.

5. Fast shipping and the drive to turn for Zyablikovo.

6. Right there, on the NE direction, we catch waveguide (Wire-to-train radio antenna).

7. Some wise guy hung it on insulators, and it is strongly in the envelope.

8. It would seem that this is the current metro area, which has long put, but the head of gabaritki adamant — waveguide should outweigh and outsized eliminated.

9. With the waveguide understood (all-sized places are logged and then eliminated, other than those that can be corrected on the spot) and go further.

10. Responsible for their plots carefully look at the boxes. How will that will touch.

11. CER pass quickly, the problem areas is not here.

12. Let me remind you that the car checks the size of equipment and structures that are in the tunnel. Nothing should go inside the circuit, which is marked by flags on the dimensional folding car.

13. Service-connecting rod between the Lublin-Dmitrov and Zamoskvoretskaya lines.

14. Salaries germovorot checked very thoroughly. Here, all the gaps are minimal.

15. Check the interface with the existing underground — on the right tunnel, all comments are insignificant.

16. But in the left tunnel salary germovorot and some exposed beams on the ceiling to raise questions and riveting attention.

17. But the gate pass without comment.

18. But the joists in the ceiling offend. Judging by the tracks, it is polished with a couple of days ago, but not enough. Most interesting is that there is no construction work is now been carried out and that there is already outsized since 1985. Or rather, there was.

19. As a result, the three beams are sanded to fit into the existing envelope. On the one hand, this is pure chicanery, as the wagon train will not be able to touch the ceiling, even in theory, but the chief marker of the car is not confused. Heavy or be eliminated. Even if it’s a light touch!

20. Controlling opinion — and go further.

21. Again germovorot salary.

22. Check the right tunnels to the station "Alma-Ata".

23. In general, all comments were fine — it hangs down below the cable is laid, then a piece of wire sticking out.

24. The largest outsized — this ladder. It must digest and move an inch to the wall.

25. Some sort of patch on cross-convention, which
hangs down below the put.

26. Cross-Congress to turn trains.

27. New Kleinlokomotive.

28. The Congress scans all.

29. Signaling (signaling, centralization, blocking) while not connected, so their clocks with a crowbar.

30. New Kleinlokomotive looks somehow alien device.

31. And time, meanwhile, already 10 minutes past six. I really want to quickly find himself on the Alma-Ata in time to break up congestion in the center. Alas, nothing happened.

32. In the cockpit rail car.

33. Hooray! Envelope on the same path verified!

34. The whole procession was leaving to check deadlock, and I quickly upstairs.

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