Moscow Metrostroy: South West — Troparevo


The report’s author — Alexander (Russos) Popov

Walked yesterday on this site. A brief photo review.

 1. In my memory is the first time: in Troparevo will be working a dead end, and it also held a shield! SCHN good old-1s.

2. General view of the excavation station.

3. The lobby and even the first stope roof.

4. Installation SCHN-1s.

5. In fact, both the shield do the same, but which are different. The left, which Herrenknecht, kicks off the first of August.



8. Affects the distance between them. Excavation there should be jewelry! By the way, dismantling the camera at SchNa will not — it will leave for the lining of the shell.

9. The station, which is also the first time in my memory, at the same time there are two movable formwork — a core set of SMU lead fills.

10. Future lobby.

11. Installation of roof reinforcement.

12. Similarly, to say that no start this year :)


14. The second set of formwork.


16. And yesterday also began sinking of BSA from the Southwest to Troparevo.


18. In the first pass of the shield called "Svetlana. " And now, suddenly, — "Eve".

19. The rotor.


21. Left a ready-left tunnel.

22. And it is already dismantled the existing subway deadlocks.

23. The remains of the old site and built new tunnels.

24. Peck this old concrete — it still fun. But with the help of mechanization and this can not be done.



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