Moscow: Moscow at around R-44 helicopter

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


This flight took place in autumn 2011 and somehow overlooked on the screw. We look at Moscow and the surrounding area.

1. The route begins at the heliport Lindsay (Aerosouz). The flight took place on October 20 with the doors removed. To say it was cold — to say nothing. But the photographic art requires sacrifice and the right equipment.

2. Vitenevo. Specifically about these sites is not clear, but there still blooms coast of illegal buildings. (On the Water Code to all shit.

3. Building under the Military Memorial Cemetery.

4. A pile of markets and megapalatok about Ostashkovskaya interchanges.

5. Construction Vietnamese cultural and business center of the hotel "Hanoi-Moscow".

6. Former factory "Hromotron." Once made a picture tubes for televisions and other appliances. Now there business center.

7. The 16th district it. Gagarin ("Test Field").

8. OJSC "MTS Base".

9. Heliport "New" and the Training Centre ODON internal forces.

10. Some kind of building in the Railway. What is not found.

11. First quarter Lyuberetskiy Elysees and solid waste landfill "Nekrasovka". Beautiful views …

12. Shopping center "Mega Belaya Dacha".

13. Moscow Refinery.

14. Trade Fair Centre "South Gate".

15. Abandoned building. Wikimapia not even know what it is. Says only that was abandoned in the late 90s.

16. The former film set disaster movie "Underground".

17. The remains of the market "Emeral".

18. Biryulevo-east. Hello to someone out there :)

19. Specially protected natural area "Landscape Reserve" Zagorje "."

20. Warsaw-Moscow and Simferopol interchange construction market "Kashira yard-3."

21. Multifunctional complex "Moreon", built on the site of the infamous "Transvaal Park".

22. 18 th district Jasenevo.

23. Parking near the "Mega Teply Stan".

24. Business park "Rumyantsevo".


26. Troyekurovskoye cemetery.

27. Western customs post — Station "Kuncevo-2".

28. Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex Medical Technologies.

29. Institute of Cardiac them. VI Burakovsky Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery. ANBakulev RAS.

30. A piece of the industrial zone number 64 "Strogino".

31. Cottage settlement "Island".

32. Built residential complex "Emerald Hills".

33. What is it?

34. Pavlovian gymnasium.

35. LCD "Millennium Park".

36. Shopping and entertainment center "Pavlovsky Compound".

37. 8 th and 8 th ‘A’ districts Mitino.

38.Severnoe Tushino Wall of China.

39. Leningrad bridges.

40. 19 th district Khimki Hovrino.

41. Cooling towers of TPP-21.

42. JSC "Lianozovskiy complex of building materials and structures".

43. Road overpass (Molokovsky) on Lianozovskoe cemetery across the Ring Road.

44. Altufevo.

45. Hell — "Mytischinskaya fair."

46. Some island.

47. Wolf "Lighthouse" and Gateway number 6.

48. Polygon Audi.

49. AEROSOYUZ area.

50. Thank you!

51. Let me remind you that all filmed with removed doors. Wind, cold, all the cases. About to change the lens, flash drive, etc., are not out of the question. And the main thing — to dress warmly.

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