Moscow population exceeded 12 million people

There is every reason to believe that the March 2013 population Moscow already exceeded 12 million people.

According Rosstat on January 1, 2013 population of the capital was 11,978,000 people. Up to 12 million 22 thousand is not enough. In 2012 the city’s population (according to the same Federal State Statistics Service) has increased by 123,000 people (including 17.2 thous natural increase, and 105.8 thousand — net migration), That is more than 10 thousand a month[1].
While maintaining the momentum of growth the population of Moscow in the first half of March 2013 was to exceed 12 million.

Saint Petersburg, which last year exceeded five million inhabitants, Novosibirsk, which at the same time the population exceeded 1.5 million, Krasnoyarsk and Voronezh, that exceeded 1 million, all of them mentioned this momentous event statistics.

Mosgorstat and the mayor of Moscow is not in a hurry to mark milestone in a dozen million.

What is there to rejoice?

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