Moscow recognized as the most attractive capital for investment in real estate

In 2011, Moscow was the first time topped the annual ranking of European cities European Regional Economic Growth Index (E-REGI) of the British company LaSalle Investment Management. This rating is a reliable source of information about the leaders of the real estate market to foreign investors. This was recognized a long time leader in London gave Moscow the first line.

Russian cities in the ranking of E-REGI appeared recently: in 2009, won the sixth position Moscow. British investors today called the Moscow real estate market is the most attractive for investment. It is clear that this decision affected the Moscow leadership plans to increase the capital, the area of which will soon grow by almost 2.5 times.

There are several key factors that determine what rank will get this or that city: the potential development of the city, the level of well-being and the conditions for doing business (tax system, the transparency of financial transactions, the political climate).

Despite the lack of well-being in Moscow and not just the ease of doing business, Moscow has left behind not only London, but also other European cities with developed real estate markets, particularly in Paris and Munich. According to experts of company LaSalle Investment Management, the current potential of these cities do not go to any comparison with the future expansion of Moscow and growth opportunities in the city.

Expansion of Moscow includes the construction of new facilities that meet international standards. Moscow real estate market is becoming more attractive to French construction companies that will contribute to the further development of the Franco-Russian economic cooperation.

This article was prepared by the newspaper "Moscow News"

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