Moscow Searchlight plant celebrated its 80th anniversary

2012 — the anniversary for the undisputed leader in the manufacture of power supply systems for the domestic defense industry — Moscow floodlight factory. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that despite the bankruptcy during the difficult period of market reforms, he managed to not only survive, but also to develop into a modern enterprise.

Moscow Searchlight plant originated in a time when the industry of Soviet Russia at the stage of its development could not provide all the needs of a growing economy. Production spotlights was no exception: for marine and military purposes was used by imports, which had setbacks.

On the basis of the Moscow Electromechanical Plant (MEMZ) operated a special electromechanical workshop, he was responsible for repair and maintenance of foreign spotlights. This is where the story begins prozhektorostroeniya in our country.

In late 1926, the unit is lifted and the bulk of its employees transferred to the plant "Explorer" (now Electrozavod), which is organized by Searchlight plant.

The period of formation and development

Plant "Explorer" was launched May 1, 1927. This significant date was made the first six civilian floodlights — PP-45, they had a reflector diameter of 45 centimeters. May 2, 1928 took place the first reorganization, as a result of which all the companies are located in the plant "Explorer", including Searchlight plant was renamed into divisions and began to work under the guidance of a single factory management.


 Begin development of new products with high inclination decided spotlights that were to be imported counterparts, whose firm was engaged in the production of "Sperry". The diameter of the new spotlight was already 120 centimeters.

In September 1928, was appointed director of the company Jacob Doudkin. Material and manufacturing base of the period left much to be desired — the production was almost artisanal. Of equipment at the disposal of the workers were four machines, which were placed in an unheated room. There were also assembly and mechanical workshops.

A prototype of a promising product was detected at the Leningrad plant "Electric". However, because the level of technical equipment of the Party of the planned 24 spotlights produce failed. From the walls of the enterprise came only four per unit.

There is also single out that the Soviet Union signed an agreement with the American company "Sperry", in which the USSR had to get the most modern and fully equipped with searchlight station having a reflector with a diameter of 150 centimeters, with a complete set of technical documentation.

Also, the Americans were ready to take three groups of engineering and technical personnel to review the production, testing and acceptance of the searchlight station for shipment to the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, due to complicated by diplomatic relations training in the United States were only two groups.

Appointed Director of Philip Ryabov began looking for additional resources to bring the team from behind. For this it was necessary to completely change the approach to the organization of work, eliminating the causes of downtime, which were caused by the poor quality of the manufacture of parts, truancy, poor supply from subcontractors and other causes. At that time, the program required the release spotlights 10 pieces of the "0-15-2." This article had to 10,000 parts. Was drawn up a concrete plan of putting a timetable organized a special team to eliminate their breakdown, ready in case of need to work overtime and weekends. In the workshop also took 40 students, which was attached to the skilled worker.

However, the production could no longer provide the growing needs, and in 1930 the Supreme Council of National Economy of the USSR decided to expand production by searchlight Branch Division Elektrozavod and converting it into an independent company. Construction of the plant Searchlight decided to start on the road enthusiasts, near the village of Alyosha.

  • The bright path length of 80 years
  • The bright path length of 80 years

Deputy General Designer
JSC "GSKB" Almaz-Antey "VM Garbuz
congratulates CEO
JSC "Moscow factory Searchlight"
SV Proshkina

 The construction was carried out in very difficult conditions. Marshy soil complicates the process and had to work in the mud. In addition to production facilities and buildings to actively create the future infrastructure of the district Perov. By 1935, were built the first houses in which families received apartments 160 factory workers. Here there was a kindergarten, and a little later and elementary school.

The plant took place on December 14, 1932. This evening, almost the entire production area light flashed lights and spotlights, the plant turned into a lovely flower garden lights. Driving down the highway enthusiasts read the message written in large letters, reinforced on the front of the building of the plant, that Moscow Searchlight plant comes into operation the second five companies. The facade decorated with lights slogans, portraits, at the main entrance was a huge spotlight.

The second half of the 30s was marked by a number of interesting production orders. One of them — making spotlights for the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. Here was built a fountain, which is designed to cover special underwater spotlights with colored glass. The engineers had to make a 200 submarines and 45 kinoprozhektorov (CP-45).

The war years

In the early 40’s Moscow searchlight, like all businesses of the Soviet Union, felt the breath of war. In August 1941, the State Committee of Defense issued a decree according to which Moscow Searchlight plant should be dispersed by three points. Most of the companies (80%) had to be evacuated to Novosibirsk. Minority (20%) to be evacuated to the capital of the Mari Republic — Yoshkar-Ola. And it is a small group (about 140 employees of the plant) remained at the Moscow production site.

The evacuation began in October. Dismantling and loading equipment were carried out manually forces the employees themselves. Shipped the day and night, without cranes, conveyors without. The first challenge faced by the employees of the plant to evacuate — the lack of accommodations. In Yoshkar-Ola forge had to be placed in a former church, and the other guilds — in educational buildings College. Later, the machine shop was moved to a hangar. In Novosibirsk, the plant contributed by building the tram depot. Prozhektortsam themselves had to break down walls, walls, doors extend to conduct heating.

  • The bright path length of 80 years
  • The bright path length of 80 years

Director of JSC "Moscow Searchlight
Plant "M. Hazan decree mayor
Moscow was awarded the distinction of
"Distinguished Service City
Moscow "- 50 years

 The new location has met Muscovites unusual cold. But the people working in these conditions, without breaks and weekends, sometimes staying for days of workshops. Established here and Technology par
ticipated in the battles against the enemy ground. Mobile anti-aircraft searchlight tools have been successfully used in the protection of front-line cities, airports, warehouses.

Participated spotlights, made in the factory, and the Berlin military operation. During the war, the factory also produces other equipment: gun station pickup (CPA-2), mobile boarding station.

By the end of 1946 the company produced more than two thousand kinoprozhektorov, three thousand locomotive spotlights, 8.5 thousand reverberatory furnaces, six thousand medical reflectors 28,000 electric irons. The output increased in comparison with 1945 almost doubled.

The plant expands production

In the 50 years of the Moscow Searchlight plant starts production of power supply systems for missile systems.

Each employee, depending on the type of work they performed and responsibilities assigned to a specific category of access to classified information. Only in the enterprise, there were three. The most secret department of the plant was GOKB — Leading Special Design Bureau.

In the second half of the ’50s Moscow Searchlight plant has entered the era of reconstruction: instead of the old buildings were built new, spacious and bright. From a small wooden smoked zavodika Moscow searchlight into a modern enterprise. Last spotlight was released in the 60s, the demand for these products in the country no longer needed. But going full speed production of power supply systems for rockets and strategic missiles. In these years, plant employees have been in regular trips to space centers of the country.

Actively conducted modernization of production facilities. July 1, 1988 the company introduced records of parts and components for interplant movement and the shop number 78 on the basis of a computer. According to the untimely plant sent young engineers trained at the Tallinn School of managers.

The crisis of the era of the market, and rebirth

90 years were an ordeal for the entire team of the Moscow floodlight factory. The number of defense orders fell sharply, almost ceased research and development work for the Ministry of Defence. Production serial products also fell. A consequence of the recession orders — a sharp reduction in the state in all the shops and services of the plant. Production of consumer goods, which would help the company through the tough times, too, did not bring the desired results. Constructed during the Soviet era washing machines and irons could not compete with imported products flooding in Russia in the early 90’s.

  • The bright path length of 80 years
  • The bright path length of 80 years

Deputy General Designer
JSC "Corporation" MIT "LS Solomonic
congratulates the Chairman of the Board
Directors of JSC "Moscow Searchlight
Plant "YS Nikonov

 In 1992 GOKB was separated from the plant and reorganized into an independent company — GOKB "Spotlight" with fixing him subject stationary power systems complexes.

The main purpose of the Service chief designer of the plant began designing a new range of facilities and modernization of manufactured products and power systems and portable air defense systems SRF.

Mid 90’s was characterized by protracted crisis of production, the almost complete lack of public order, poor organization of its funding. Wage arrears outage and utilities for non-payment — all this contributed to the preservation of the collective.

The largest electrical company defense industry — Searchlight factory was declared bankrupt with all the ensuing consequences. In 1999-2000, the company was under external control. Were sharply reduced production space and number of staff. They were waiting for the return of state orders, but they did not arrive. After the bankruptcy, when there was practically no government order, the plant rescued export orders — electrical engineering in the anti-aircraft missile system S-300 for China, Electrical Engineering for Algeria, Iran. This enabled the company to have a production load and survive in difficult times.

Multidisciplinary Scientific and Technical Enterprise

Today JSC "Moscow factory Searchlight" — a modern, dynamically developing company. About how managed to achieve such a result, our publication has told general manager of Sergey Proshkin.

"MIC": Sergey Viktorovich, please tell us about how the company managed to survive bankruptcy? What steps have been taken to re-production?

— In the period 2000-2001, Moskomimuschestvo repeatedly asked various government agencies such as the Ministry of Defence, the Strategic Missile Forces, Air Defense, the Federal Security Service, headaches defense enterprises, in particular the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, with a request to keep the company as a production structure for the defense of the country.

As a result, under external control plant not only went bankrupt and was restructured in order to ensure the implementation of the state defense order.

An important role in the reconstruction of enterprises has played part of the investor, who, realizing the importance of being wanted and the plant has provided work for the intended application. Moscow factory searchlight kept guidance on the issue of electrical engineering for the MIC. Not having a stable present, the company looked to the future and did not stop their own research, even in cases when they are not funded by the customer. New development activities have allowed the plant to get its second wind, and subsequently became the basis for the production of standard products.

"MIC": What is the JSC "Moscow factory Searchlight" today? In what areas are working?

— Moscow Searchlight plant — a diversified science and technology company that operates in the market of energy supply military-industrial complex.

  • The bright path length of 80 years
  • The bright path length of 80 years

Assembly shop of weapons and items
Military Equipment

 The main activity of the plant is the development and manufacture of systems and stand-alone backup power missiles. Preservation of qualified technical personnel, the introduction of new design technologies, modern equipment allowed the plant staff as soon as possible to upgrade the mass-produced products, and perform dozens of new developmental and research work in the interests of the various branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the armed forces. Among them, such as the Strategic Missile Forces, Army, Army Air Defence and aerospace defense corps of engineers.

All products are designed and produced by the company, is a complex electrical systems fixed and / or mobile design. The composition of these products include diesel power between four and 200 kW of varying degrees of automation, distribution and converting devices, complete control systems, one based on the hardware and software of computers.

The company has developed and produced by the power supply system for the latest Russian advanced air defense systems (S-300PMU "Favorite" S-400 "Triumph"), SRF ("yars", "Topol-M"), the Army Air Defense ("Armour-C1 "). This is the main products of the plant, whose share in the total production is about 90 percent.

"MIC": In addition to the production of h
igh-tech products for the military-industrial complex is a research project?

— Of course, it is a priority and is financed from the state budget, and at the expense of own funds of the plant. Annually, the company spends a large amount of research and development work on the implementation of the state defense order in various areas of military equipment for the Strategic Missile Forces, Air Defense, the Army Corps of Engineers, and more than 20 topics. For details, unfortunately, is a state secret.

"MIC": Does Moscow Searchlight development and production of products for the civilian sector?

— Yes, the company produces standalone and redundant power supply 30 kW different configuration. Moscow Searchlight plant supplies its products to health facilities, Department of the Interior, on social sites for Russian Railways, the objects of oil and gas, construction and other industries. As a partner of the world’s leading manufacturers, the company offers a European assembly plant at the base of engines Perkins, Volvo, Cummins. All diesel-generator sets fully comply with the European requirements for safety of personnel and the level of noise pollution.

In addition, the plant manufactures high quality metal furniture for industrial, warehouse and residential areas, shopping and sports centers, offices and hospitals. More than 50 pieces of equipment on the premises of plant metal can constantly expand the range of products. In the production program — more than 30 models of cabinets, safes, shelves, beds and other metal products.

"MIC": Does the modernization of production capacity? How widely used modern technology?

— In the new economy to implement large-scale projects can only symbiosis constantly developing research, design, engineering and manufacturing components of the enterprise.

Since 2003, the program is running full automation engineering services. The main policy resources at this time were "Compass Graph" and "Compass Avtoproekt." The correspondence of the "Compass Graph" system ESKD made it an indispensable tool in the design and production of engineering and technical documentation in accordance with Russian GOST and company standards.

The next logical stage — equipment design engineers by means of the volume, and has become the basic package for designers of "Compass-3D», and for engineers — "TP Vertical".

The use of 3D modeling has reduced the time for product development as a whole by detecting errors and performing preliminary calculations at the design stage. A visual representation of the design and the actual display of parts made it possible to determine the geometry of a complex cross-sections. Reference function for each part of the material allowed in complex assemblies to calculate the mass, center of mass and moments of inertia of the moving parts, and the modeling of piping and flexible hoses — significantly reduce the time to optimize their layout and location. As experience has revealed the need of organizations to automate collaboration and engineering units in real time, as well as the need to use the project management system as a whole. The solution of this problem was the next step in the development of CAD software in the enterprise. The manager of the program has been selected system engineering data management and product lifecycle "PILOT". At present, the company CAD exists by the above scheme. Debugged system of "Design-Technology" and created a unified framework for enterprise engineering data. Also, the factory introduced additional programs for designers and engineers, "KOMPAS-Electric", "COMPASS cable and harness", "PILOT-Rastsehovschik" and others that completes the automation of the process of development and pre-production with the release of new products.

80 years of success

September 19, 2012 in DC "Spotlight" solemn evening dedicated to the anniversary date. In the hall brought together representatives of all the generations of the personnel — from distinguished veterans who have given the company a decade of his life to young people who are just starting their career.

In an opening address to the guests asked the chairman Yury S. Nikonov. In his speech, he reminded the audience of the main events of the history of the company, gave a well-deserved appreciation for the quality work of our staff, and expressed the hope that in the future the Moscow plant Searchlight continues its steady development.

Special thanks from the mouth of CEO Sergei Viktorovich Proshkina to the veterans. He stressed that the plant can be proud of: having gone through a difficult period of reconstruction and reorganization, he was able to regain its leading position in the market for electrical MIC country. The company has an excellent reputation, which has become the pride of every employee.

Indeed, there is reason for pride. Thus, the volume of production from 2004 to the present, has increased by six times, each development is a knowledge-based and includes several inventions.

Its anniversary Moscow Searchlight plant meets a successful and dynamic company that lives a full and interesting life with confidence, looking to the future
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