Moscow traffic police cars equipped with video cameras


All vehicles are road-inspection service of the capital, as well as all modes of transport used for the reception of traffic police exams in law, were equipped with indoor and outdoor video surveillance. This is a Monday, Feb. 6, said the head of the Moscow department of traffic police, Alexander Ilyin, RIA Novosti reported.

All information from a video to be stored in database and used for STSI necessary. What is the amount of time you plan to store records, Ilyin did not elaborate. In his view, such a system will reduce corruption in the ranks of the traffic police and traffic police to secure a job.

As previously reported, to equip 1,800 vehicles DPS Moscow city government has allocated 20 million rubles.

According to the Interior Ministry, the presence of video cameras in patrol cars will prevent corrupt behavior as inspectors and drivers, as well as help resolve disputes of traffic police in dealing with citizens.
DVRs will record the audio and video information about the situation in the car and on the course of its following in the daytime and at night. The system automatically starts recording when the intercession inspector on duty and off the recorder at the end of the shift. The recordings are stored on electronic media.
In addition, as noted in the report on the site of the capital MIA, the inspectors have developed a special instruction according to which the police are required to be in the camera’s field of view when dealing with the drivers. Otherwise, the traffic police action can be regarded as a violation.
As explained in the Interior Ministry, the presence of loggers largely done for the convenience of the drivers themselves, which are increasingly removed from communication traffic police cameras on mobile phones. Now, however, loggers will record the actions of the inspectors, and the drivers themselves.
Previously, video monitoring systems have been installed in the test mode on multiple machines DPS Moscow. As a result, the use of such cells was found to be effective.
For the first time the initiative to set the camcorder to cars, fixing the actions of cops, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia made in 2009. In April 2010 the intention to equip all cars DVRs DPS said traffic police authorities suburbs. http://autoclub31.blogspo…11/10/blog-post_5732.html

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