Moscow was among the ten most economically influential cities in the world

Rating of Moscow increased by one point, and in 2012. it ranked 20 th in total points, following Shanghai. These data are contained in the fifth edition of the Review "Cities of Opportunity 2012", published by PwC in conjunction with the organization Partnership for New York City. This release presents a comparative analysis of 27 cities in the world that are financial, commercial and cultural centers.

In the category of "economic impact" Moscow was in the top ten and finished eighth. In terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth has shown good results Moscow city attracts significant FDI and the fifth largest in terms of capital investment, ahead of Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, and seventh in the number of projects Greenfield — just behind Beijing and Paris, but ahead of New York and Tokyo.

The city also ranked eighth in the number of head offices from the list of 500 largest companies in the world (Global 500), 11th in the number of capital construction and twelfth place on the real GDP growth.

In the category of "Sustainable Development and the Environment" Moscow is among the top ten cities, despite its harsh winters, and shared seventh place with Paris. Famous parks and well-developed public transport system reinforce Moscow’s position from the point of view of sustainable development. In particular, the city is the third largest area of green space and is located just outside Stockholm and Paris, ahead of New York and San Francisco in eighth place on such indicators as the cost of public transport and ninth to reach the public transport network.

In the ranking of 2012. Moscow joined the top five cities in the share of the population with higher education. Given its history and tradition, it is not surprising that the Russian capital has shown good results in a number of indicators that measure the achievements in the field of education. Thus, Moscow has taken the first place in terms of "class size" (elementary school), entered the top five on the "number of public libraries," and, most importantly, took fifth place in terms of the proportion of people with higher education.

Highly educated Muscovites will undoubtedly benefit from the high quality broadband access to the Internet — on this indicator Moscow ranked fourth, ahead of most of the cities included in the study (including New York and Los Angeles), as well as contribute to the seventh city the design and creation of software and multimedia.

According to the rankings, the attractiveness of Moscow in the eyes of the world is growing. Moscow is one of the top ten cities in the world for 4 of the 6 indicators in the category of "city hub" — a new category in the report, which measures items such as hotel room capacity, the volume of international tourism, the intensity of air traffic and the volume of passenger traffic, in other words — the global transport accessibility and attractiveness of international cities.

At the same time, is one of the most expensive cities in the world, ranking ninth in the category of "cost": the capital is in ninth place on the high cost of rental housing and the fifth-largest cost for the rental and maintenance of office space. Low ranking in terms of health, safety and security negatively affect its international reputation and prestige — in these areas the city will have to work that Moscow has become even more comfortable to live and do business.

"The fact that the rating of Moscow grew by results of the study" Cities of Opportunity — 2012 "is certainly positive. Growth of Moscow, its technological readiness and its highly educated population should contribute to the continued success of the city on a rating scale of cities. Yet on the agenda of the unsettled issues to improve infrastructure, improve the business climate and the availability of transport, which are crucial for the credibility of the city and its international reputation in the future, "- explained the head of the practice of providing services to government and public organizations PwC in Russia Catherine Hood.

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