Most of the flour supplied to Uzbekistan — Altai production.

Siberian Company "Pava", whose plants are located in the Altai and Krasnoyarsk region, has announced the interim results of the supply of flour to Uzbekistan.


According to the company, in May 2011, "Pava" delivered to the neighboring country 73% of all delivered meal there.
In Uzbekistan sent varietal flour produced on mill combines the Altai. According to the commercial director of "Pava" in Uzbekistan prefer very white flour.
Wheat flour production of anthrax due to conditioning grain has a high degree of whiteness, improved the quality of gluten-free and a lot of sugary substances. Another sort of — wheat flour extra — designed for confectionery, pasta industry, as well as for the production of dumplings, all preparations of the test even such complex as yeast puff products, puffs and croissants. It is suitable for use in modern dough mixer.

In addition to Uzbekistan, "Pava" supplies different kinds of flour to Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc.

In general, "Pava" ships flour foreign partners from all grain processing plants, which are part of the company — Rebrihinskogo and Michael (Altai Territory), Achy (Krasnoyarsk Territory). The company processes more than 10% of the grain of wheat animaet Altai region and about 3% of Russia’s total production of flour, one of three leading Russian grain processors.
The company "PAVA" among the three leading Russian grain processors and takes up about 3% of Russia’s total production of flour.
Achievements grain processor in the international market marked at the state level: the Ministry of Economic Development acknowledged the company "PAVA" "Best Exporter of the Year 2007", and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation — "The most dynamic exporter in 2008."

Production lines mill complexes are made of domestic equipment, manufactured under license from the Swiss company «Buhler». Production management is fully automated.



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