Mostotrest began construction of the first section of the highway Moscow-St Petersburg

JSC "Mostotrest" begin its substantive work on the construction of the first section of 15 to 58 km of new high-speed highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
The construction period is under contract with the "North-West Concession Company" (NWCC, a consortium formed by European companies Vinci and Eurovia) will not exceed 3 years. The cost of the contract — 48380000000 rubles, said the report "Mostotrest" and SZKK.

Construction will take place in the framework of the concession agreement on the financing, construction and operation of a fee of a trace.
"Mostotrest" is implementing a project to build a modern highway with a width of the roadway to 10 lanes. It will also be built 5 interchanges, 39 artificial structures (bridges and overpasses), and other objects. In particular, transport interchanges will be built at the intersection with the International highway and road access to the "Sheremetyevo" and the three-span bridge over the Canal. Moscow length of 334 m with a 10-band car traffic.
In addition, efforts will focus on landscape modeling, soil remediation, installation of acoustic screens, transitions for the construction of five animals and surface water collection network in the roadway, wastewater treatment plants. In the Canal Zone. Moscow river Klyaz’ma and all the rivers crossed by water purification system will be built, equipped with sand filters (maximum sensitivity level, providing virtually 100%-ing clean water).
Construction of the beginning of the current Businovskaya junction on Ring Road (15 km from the zero kilometer). On a plot of 15-29 kilometers east of the highway will pass and the north-east of Khimki, will pass from the north Molzhaninovo district of Moscow, will cross the channel to them. Moscow, International Highway (entrance to the airport Sheremetyevo-2) and Sheremetyevo highway (entrance to the airport Sheremetyevo-1).
The total cost of the project — more than 60 billion rubles, of which 23 billion rubles allocated by the government of the Russian Federation.
The agreement on the construction of the toll road from Moscow to Petersburg in the area 15-58 km was signed with the NWCC in 2009.

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