Mostovik launched in Chita asphalt plant

On the basis of the Chita branch of the NGO "Mostovik" put into operation a modern asphalt plant Ammann Global Quick. The performance of the equipment is 160 tons per hour. The new plant was the most powerful in the Trans-Baikal region.

Chita Branch expands its production base. In the past year, was commissioned crushing and screening plant for processing natural stone chippings.

At the beginning of September 2013 put into operation asphalt plant German firm Ammann, a world leader in the manufacture of road-building equipment.

"The plant Ammann — 160 tons per hour, as of today our production — the most powerful in the Chita region, — said the acting head of the Chita area branch of the NGO" Mostovik "Sergei Suchkov. — Mounting of the height of about 22 meters is made in just one and a half months at the end of 2012, but the launch was planned for the warmer months, as the production of asphalt is possible at a temperature not lower than -10 ° C. Currently made up works, purchased the necessary materials that improve the quality of road surface: mineral powder, adhesive additives, various additives that improve the wear resistance of the pavement. Last week we held a trial production of asphaltic concrete — 80 tonnes of a mixture went to repair the road surface in the industrial base of our branch. In the future, we plan to close their own needs in the asphalt concrete mixture produced will be used in the construction of the road junction near the village Kashtak. The volume of road construction in Chita increase, capacity is not enough, there is a demand for high-quality asphalt mixture from other construction companies and city hall. "

Ammann Asphalt plant will produce high-quality mix of various types, including analogs of stone mastic asphalt — with improved physical and mechanical properties. The plans — to purchase additional equipment for the production of stone mastic mixtures. New asphalt plant meets international environmental standards. Thanks to the available modern filtration system production will not pollute the environment.

"Since the plant is located in the city, with the release of asphalt and bituminous mixtures, we must comply with all environmental requirements, — said Sergei Suchkov. — The equipment is equipped with a cleaning system that allows to filter exhaust air masses at a high level, which makes it safe for the environment. Another important advantage of the plant Ammann is that all processes are fully automated, with all equipment less than five people. All specialists were trained at these production sites. "

Commissioning of modern asphalt plant not only closes the needs of the Chita branch in road building materials, but also significantly strengthen the independence of its raw materials, allowing to completely abandon the purchase of expensive asphalt mixes from third parties.

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