Motor Sich and Boguslaev — I’m ready to eat me …

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 Chairman of the board and the board of directors of engine-enterprise JSC "Motor Sich" (Zaporozhye) Vyacheslav Boguslaev announced the readiness of companies entering the Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

"I’m ready to eat me" — he said on "Gidroaviasalon-2012" on Friday, answering a reporter’s question about the possibility of entering assets "Motor Sich" in the structure of the KLA.

At the same time, according to Boguslayev, proposals by the KLA of accession have been reported yet.

"We do not take, the opportunity is there, but the proposals have not," — he said.

Mikhail Pogosyan, head of UAC, speaking recently at the International Air Transport Forum in Ulyanovsk, said that the corporation has two key areas of integration into the global aviation industry: the formation of strategic alliances and the parallel creation of a fundamentally new way of production, allowing the most efficient fit into the global co-operation.

According to the head of the KLA, the alliance could enter India, China, Italy, Ukraine, Indonesia and South Africa.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation issued a draft of the program "Development of Aviation Industry 2013-2025." According to the draft, the new strategy of the aviation industry of the Russian Federation does not provide funding for Ukrainian-Russian An-148, which are powered by the "Motor Sich".

At the same time, the "Motor Sich" to the end of 2012 will put four engines for the Be-200 aircraft manufactured by JSC "Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex. Beriev" (Beriev. Beriev, is part of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation").

Recall the "Motor Sich" produces engines for Russian weapons. For example, last year, the Ministry of Defense of Russia ordered the assembly of engines for P95 Russian cruise missiles X-59.

Also in November 2011, the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" signed with "Motor Sich" contract for the annual supply of 250-270 engines. Delivery of the engines for helicopters shall be for five years. The deal amounted to $ 1.2 billion. Power plants will be available for both commercial and military helicopters.

JSC "Motor Sich" — one of the largest companies in the world in the production of aircraft engines for aircraft and helicopters, as well as industrial gas turbines.

80.29% of the shares owned by the KLA in the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for Management of State Property, 11.45% — Vnesheconombank. The priorities of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation" and belonging to the corporation company is the development, production, implementation, operation maintenance, warranty and service maintenance, upgrading, repair and utilization of civil and military applications. 

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