Motor-Sich and MMPP Salut with orders


"Motor-Sich" and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Machine-Building Plant" Salute ", which jointly produce engines AI-222-2.5 for the Yak-130 and D-436 engines for the An-148 and Be-200, loaded with orders. This is the general designer, the head of the State Enterprise "Ivchenko-Progress" Igor Kravchenko, "Interfax-AVN."

"For the first time in modern history, we have so many orders for our aircraft engines that the two plants could hardly keep pace with their perform. To date, the publication of about 70 AI-222-2.5, intended for installation in the new Russian combat training aircraft Yak-130 ", — said I.Kravchenko.
He noted that the production of aircraft engines AI-222-2, 5, will increase as the Russian Air Force long-range plans provided for the purchase in the next 65 years, the Yak-130. Also, an increasing number of foreign customers for the aircraft.

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