Motor Sich certified in Russia a new helicopter engine

Russia has completed the testing of the new engine production Ukrainian "Motor Sich" for Russian upgraded Mi-8. The act was signed by the military department of the country. This means that in the near future on the aircraft repair plant in Gatchina will remotorization Mi-8.

On what prospects it gives Ukrainian company, the radio station "Voice of Capital" said General Director of JSC "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslaev.

"Voice of the Capital": How is this new engine? His supply tnly in Russia or other countries interested in the products of the company?

Vyacheslav Boguslaev: No, it’s made for tropical countries and in countries where there are high mountains, in countries where mastered shelves. It can work at 52 degrees of external air. He can fly on one engine for an hour, and used to be two and a half minutes. The mountainous country — it can fly at an altitude of 8 kilometers. That is what is different from all previous motor engines, it has all the advantages to them, because we are still doing, and the new. It is the engine of the new generation.

"Voice of the Capital": What kind of supplies do you mean? About what amounts? Ukrainian Defense Ministry orders these engines?

Vyacheslav Boguslaev: It’s about supply, especially abroad. For example, we bought this engine is already in the United States, for its hot spots, where they use helicopters. We bought in Peru, where they are flying through the Andes. We bought Vietnam, where there are mountains and hot climate. We are currently in talks with China to replace the old engines, in which they fly, and not very successfully fly. And in order to go through a third country, be sure to make this engine was used in the Ministry of Defence. So two years ago, we have implemented it in Ukraine and equipped with many vehicles, including a flying tank Mi-24. And our helicopters are involved with the new engine at the points where we work together with the UN. And before selling helicopters from Russian territory to third countries, we must necessarily one or more units to equip helicopters with a new, unique engine.

"Voice of the Capital": And what about the amounts involved?

Vyacheslav Boguslaev: If we sell the old design engines about $ 350 million worldwide, including in Russia, here these volumes will be repeated in two or three years, but at the level of the new engine. There’s a whopping delivery. Russia is involved there, in the same half of the materials, components manufactured in Russia.

"Voice of the Capital": That is to say that about 50% of the production of total production accounted for the Russian market?

Vyacheslav Boguslaev: We supply a billion dollars, and we are talking about 350 million. This is less than half.

"Motor Sich" — one of the world’s largest manufacturers of engines for aircraft. The company supplies products to more than 100 countries worldwide. The order book for the current year is estimated at nearly a billion dollars.

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