Motor Sich concluded with Helicopters of Russia contract for $ 1.2 billion


The "Motor Sich" to improve relations with Russian partners. Manufacturer of aircraft engines for the first time yesterday signed a long-term contract with the "Helicopters of Russia" — a period of five years "Motor Sich" put the company products worth $ 1.2 billion The "Helicopters of Russia" has big plans to increase production, and without Ukrainian engine supplier they not feasible, experts say.

Yesterday, at the Dubai Airshow Air Show 2011 "Motor Sich" has signed a contract with the "Helicopters of Russia" to supply about 1.3 million engines for commercial helicopters, said the head of Ukrainian Vyacheslav Boguslaev. The total sum of the five-year contract — $ 1.2 billion in Chapter Supervisory Board of "Motor Sich" Anatoly kid said that we are talking about the TV3-117 in different versions, which are equipped with helicopters Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-24. In "Helicopters of Russia" have confirmed the signing of the contract, but declined to comment.

Mr. Boguslaev stressed that while "Motor Sich" — a long-time partner of "Russian Helicopters", this is the first long-term contract with the Russian manufacturer. Until now concluded agreements maximum year. "It is important now that the schedule of deliveries of engines for Russian helicopters will be approved at the level of the two governments. This will allow better planning of Russian commercial helicopter, and we — the supply of engines "- says Mr. Boguslaev.

Recently, "Motor Sich" had difficulties with deliveries to the Russian Federation. Over the past year, the share of Russia in the supply of products the company has decreased from 50% to 30%. And in July of this year, "Helicopters of Russia" is not agreed on the participation of "Motor Sich" in the organization of production of engines for helicopters "ANSAT" in Tatarstan. The fact that the Russian state program of import substitution involves the use of Russian-made engines. In particular, the place of assembly of this product, the Russian government has chosen the St. Petersburg Design Bureau. Klimov. But now, as noted by Anatoly Baby, related to Ukrainian supplier has improved. According to a source, "b", which is close to one of the parties to the negotiations, "Helicopters of Russia" can go back to the idea of equipping the helicopter "ANSAT" Ukrainian engine.

"Helicopters of Russia" is currently ramping up production, experts say. "The company has been increasing production of helicopters, on average by 20%, and in the next five years plans to increase global market share from 9% to 15%," — said a senior analyst at IG "Art Capital" Alex Andreychenko. Russia recognizes the fact that its aviation industry is not in a position at this stage in sufficient quantity to make engines for helicopters Mi-8, the head of the consulting firm agrees Infomost Boris Rybak. Now Design Bureau. Klimov engine produces a total of 150 VC-2500 (similar to the TV3-117) in the year when the need for 600, Alex adds Andreychenko. "The share of" Motor Sich "in output" Helicopters of Russia "is 70%. Ukrainian enterprises without the Russian company would be unable to maintain the current pace of production "- recognizes the source of the" Y "close to one of the parties to the negotiations.

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