Motor Sich in 2013 will stand the test of a new engine for the Mi-26

Bench tests of the upgraded engine helicopters MI-26 is scheduled to begin in 2013-2014.

Multi-purpose transport helicopter Mi-26 with the new engines will have better performance, as required by Russian and foreign customers, said on Friday the General Director of JSC "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslaev.

For the Mi-26, we have already made a new engine. He passes the first stage of the test to the end of the year must be transferred to the plant in Rostov. The Mi-26 helicopter will be different with different characteristics. "What is important, that our customers require not only domestic but also overseas," — he said. Boguslaev also said that the Ukrainian company "Motor Sich" "has the task to supply engines for the Be-200 aircraft produced by Beriev Beriev name.

"We will supply engines reversers, which will improve the technical, economic and technical properties of the aircraft. This year, the company will supply four engines for these purposes, "- he said. Mi-26 (NATO reporting name: Halo — English. "Halo," "Halo") — a heavy transport helicopter developed by the Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil. Most lifting in the world. In Russia, these machines are used for evacuation , transportation of humanitarian supplies and equipment for fighting forest fires. (B35)

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