Motor vessel Capital-1 launched on MSSZ

On Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair facility (Moscow Shipyard, part of the group of companies "Moscow River Shipping Company") held a ceremony launching a new passenger ship "Capital-1."

Customer vessel acts "Capital Shipping Company" (part of the group of companies "MCI"), the press service said. Enter the vessel is scheduled for June 2011. The ship was laid down in November 2010. The design and design of the vessel was designed "MSSZ."



overall length — 29.9 m;

width — 5.9 m;

draft — 0.7 m;

Depth — 1.5 m;

Maximum speed — 12 km / h;

Engines — 2 x 89 kW;

River Register class: + "P 1.2";

seating capacity — 120 people;

crew — 2 people.

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