Motorists SOUTH mastering equipment GLONASS satellite navigation system

The unit of JUVO in the Volgograd region of more than 30 large trucks KamAZ-65117 for the transport of explosives and other dangerous goods, equipped with navigation equipment which will optimize their delivery to the military units of county.


Thanks to the navigation system GLONASS was possible to calculate the speed, arrival time, the linkage to digital maps at any time of the day, regardless of weather conditions.

The system monitors and analyzes the movement motorcade, the deviation from the route, and the module can directly translate the data controller or write to memory, and the data will be decrypted upon arrival.

In addition, each vehicle is equipped with means of communication, and the driver during the trip can turn to the controller in the event of any malfunction or something bad happens.

With the help of the satellite monitoring system GLONASS uses sensors that monitor fuel consumption, the level of load on the axle of the vehicle, etc. The navigation system stores the data on the speed and other parameters that may help to clarify the causes of accidents.

It is expected that in the near future all the military equipment will be equipped with devices SOUTH GLONASS satellite navigation system, according to the press service of the Southern Military District.

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