Motorized infantry brigade in Chechnya received 6 reactive systems Tornado-G


Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed in Chechnya, were armed with six multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) "Tornado-G", told RIA Novosti on Friday the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul.

In April, it was reported on the receipt for service SOUTH 20 units MLRS "Tornado-G", which was equipped with a motorized infantry connection in the Volgograd region. "Tornado-G" are going to replace the old BM-21 "Grad".

"SOUTH received another batch of new, consisting of six units, MLRS" Tornado-G ", which entered service in the infantry brigade of the Chechen Republic," — said Gorbul.

He added that the re-training of combat crews on the new artillery system was carried out under the supervision of experienced plant specialists, who arrived in the district, along with the technique. The representative of the district said that crews also mastered the self-propelled artillery "Host", 155-millimeter howitzers "MSTA-S" and other equipment.

"In particular, in the current academic year at the site" Prudboy "(Volgograd region) infantry were held more than 100 live firing squad and platoon, held about 15 company and battalion tactical exercises and brigade command post exercise" — said the official.

According to the Ministry of Defense, 122-mm system "Tornado-G" is designed to attack enemy troops, armored vehicles, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts. In its combat effectiveness, it is 2.5-3 times higher than the predecessors through the power of the munition at range, shooting accuracy, precision, automated targeting system.

"Tornado-G" has a satellite guidance system, which greatly reduces the likelihood of a miss, as well as three times larger firing range. Shells "Tornado-G" are equipped with electronics and automation of the process of shooting allows you to change the position for firing before the first of the issued shells hits the ground. The system is able to strike a volley and single precision missiles.

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