Motovilikha defense procurement and fulfill export contracts

"MZ" in 2011 successfully completed the state defense order (SDO) and obligations under export contracts for the supply of military equipment. The volume of production and sales of construction equipment in the total sales of the holding is now 40%.

High quality and relevance of machinery produced by "Motovilikha", allowed the holding in the past year to increase the backlog of orders on both fronts. The volume of defense contracts, which grew by almost half, became the largest in recent years and exceeded $ 2 billion. The implementation of export contracts has brought more than 3.5 billion.

Under the SDO, "MZ" produced and delivered to the Russian army 122 mm self-propelled artillery system, towed mortar systems and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). And all the equipment was sent to specific military units, rather than in the arsenals and storage base. Export contracts "Motovilikha" manufactured artillery systems and missile systems.

Features contracts with the Defense Ministry in 2011 led to the fact that the state defense order was signed in April. Furthermore, the order from the previous SDO significantly increased, significantly increased load on production. However, contractual obligations in 2011 were carried out entirely. Moreover, one of the export consignments machinery was shipped ahead of schedule.

Timely and proper execution of the SDO and export orders allow "Motovilikha" expect to receive in the 2012 contracts at a comparable effect, and confirm the intention to become a holding company with artillery plant number 1 in Russia. This purpose is the enterprise development strategy up to 2015. It is expected that by that time the volume of sales of military equipment annually will exceed 10 billion rubles (more than half of the total revenue of the holding).

Nicholas Buhvalov, General Director of OAO "MZ":

"MZ" perform all of its obligations, which confirms our reliability as a business partner. It is clear that to solve these problems is possible only on stable, well-organized production. The successful implementation of the state defense order and export contracts was the result of the company’s development strategy and the result produced by "Motovilikha" modernization.

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