Motovilikha opens the most modern artillery production

In the year of the 275th anniversary of "MZ" opens the most modern and high-tech artillery production in Russia.
The enterprise has implemented the first phase of the investment project to build a high-performance machining center complex.


During the first phase of the investment project, carried out by one and a half years, were designed and built (purchased, installed and equipment) are two modern manufacturing site: The site machining centers and the machining barrels of artillery systems. The area of new production accounted for more than 15 thousand square meters. m The use of this equipment will increase the technical level of military products and will increase the volume of its production. In addition, the complex of works to bring to the normative parameters of buildings, structures and networks Corps M, where put in production.

Commencement visited the governor of the Perm region, Oleg Chirkunov. It should be noted that thanks to the support of the authorities of the region investment project has received funding from the federal budget — 280 million rubles. Proper investment enterprises amounted to more than 1 billion rubles.


By the end of 2012 it is planned to complete the second phase of the investment. It will result in improved quality of all products, reducing their production cycles, reducing manufacturing costs by 10%, increase output per worker by 20%.

The investment project is implemented within the framework of the Strategy Development "Motovilikha plants" for 2011-2015. The strategy identifies that the development and production of military equipment is a key focus of the company. By 2015, the volume of sales of military equipment within the state defense order and export contracts shall be annually more than 10 billion rubles (more than half of the total revenue of the holding).

In the end, "MZ" will be an artillery factory number 1 in Russia.

Opening and launch of new production are confined to the Day of Engineering — a professional holiday of workers of "Motovilikha", which is celebrated on September 25.

Nicholas Buhvalov, General Director of OAO "MZ":

— It starts with the most difficult second stage. It is not enough to select the hardware, order it to mount. You need to properly organize production, to create a new culture of work on this equipment. No investment will bring returns, if not at the proper level will be the organization of production.

Oleg Chirkunov, the governor of the Perm region:

— For any business it is important to choose the right strategy. "Motovilikha" has made such a choice. People set a goal and started to move toward her, attracting the best equipment, the best technology, the best professionals. Now, "MZ" seriously pretend to be a leader not only in the industry, and a leader in the Perm region.

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