Motovilikha won a grant

"Motovilikha" won a grant for the creation of high-tech metal production.

The joint project "Motovilikha plants" and the Magnitogorsk State Technical University Nosov receive funding from the Ministry of Education.

According to the results of summarizing project competition held as part of the state to support the development of cooperation between Russian universities and companies, developing high-tech manufacturing, the project "Motovilikha" and Bauman. Nosov was one of the winners.

The aim of the joint project — the creation of radically new types of production of alloys with a combination of multi-trudnosochetaemyh properties. Nanostructured billet alloys with special physical and mechanical properties — a "piecework" products that have high profitability.

The total investment for the project is 300 million rubles., Of which 150 million rubles. — The means of state subsidies.

The company has a positive experience with the scientific schools. In late 2012, he completed a joint project to create a comprehensive high-tech production, realized "Motovilikha" together with PNIF. The project was also carried out in the framework of the Ministry of Education grant program.

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