Moving heavy equipment on rails


The hydraulic system of jacks and rail pushers intended for rigging and moving heavy construction and material handling equipment, railcars, locomotives, power transformers. Transfer is being made on the rails P50, P65, P75.

Consider the application of the system on the example of moving the power transformer to the train platform to platform trailer.

The system includes:

  • Four cargo hydraulic jack with hydraulic return stroke models DG100G300,
  • Oil station 4NEE-5 0I40T1-ATP
  • set of hoses to connect the jacks;
  • Two identical tjanushche-hydraulic pushing mechanism 2TTG25G600,
  • 2NEE oil station (P) 32-5,0 I40T1-In
  • set of hoses to connect the "pushers".

The main components of a push-tjanushche hydraulic mechanism are:

  • chief hydraulic cylinder;
  • hooks, forward and reverse, with the clamp cylinders;
  • spacer;

On one side of the platform pitch pile of sleepers. On the railway platform jacks provide a system by which lifts the power transformer. Railing on the stack and a transformer with the release of the opposite side of the platform. Transformer falls on rails mounted pushers. Pushers are connected to the two-guard pump station with a four-line three-position valve that allows simultaneous operation and as a result, the movement of goods, without distortion even in the "roller coaster".

When pressure is applied to the hydraulic system of fixed direct hooks and main hydraulic cylinders move the transformer stroke pushers.

When pressure is applied to the rod end of the main cylinder is automatically redistributed flows on the clamp cylinders: fixed return hooks and opens straight. The pushers are tightened. The cycle is repeated until the move to the transformer stack.

Next, pile driving up to the trailer. Transformer rises system of jacks and the rails are moved to the platform trailer.

The newly installed transformer pushers move the trailer to the platform, and then lift the transformer and remove the released tracks. Transformer ready for transport trailer.

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