Mriya experienced a 20 rotary combine harvesters John Deere in the season of harvest-2012

The enterprise "Mriya Agro Holding" 17 August 2012, the official presentation of the new rotary combine harvesters John Deere Model S680. For delivery vehicles arrived senior management Deere & Company to Combine Plant, located in the U.S., as well as Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Region Europe, CIS, North Africa, the Middle East, Christoph Wigger.

According to the press service of "Mriya Agro Holding", today the company is the largest and most modern fleet and logistics of agricultural machinery in Ukraine, which has more than 1,600 units. Compared to last year, "Mriya" substantially increased investment in the purchase of equipment. The logistics park company in 2012 added more than 250 units of agricultural machinery and logistics. Among which 136 units — combines, tractors and trailers John Deere, equipped with the latest innovative developments.

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