MSSZ laid launch of a new generation

29 March 2013. at the Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair factory was a very important and significant event for the company — the keel head office-crew boat project RT14MT.

  • (C) photo MSSZ (clickable)
  • (C) photo MSSZ (clickable)

The boat will be built by the GC "Marine engineering". Project boats designed in accordance with the Rules of the Russian River Register.

RT14MT boat is designed for use on the inland waterways of the Russian Federation, in light and in the dark. The basis of the new project put boat of MRV14 (series of six multi-purpose boat was built in 2012 and handed over to the customer — Rosmorporta). Boat of MRV14 became a phenomenon in the domestic shipbuilding katernogo — innovative. Having studied the experience of the first year of their operation and collecting reviews sailors plant with project offices GC "Marine engineering" has developed an even more perfect version — RT14MT boat.

In the living compartment RT14MT are two comfortable double cabins, sanblok with a shower and a place to warm food. In the control room with a large glass area (3600) With maximum ergonomics in mind are places for the crew and staff.

The boat used IPS 450 propulsion system proved itself from the best side on the project MRV14. Increased cruising range of 500 km, by increasing the volume of the fuel tank. The boat kept RT14MT estimated full speed of 22 knots, despite the increase in the length and increasing the displacement.

The design of the hull as used panels of aluminum alloy 1561, which reduced the weight of the case and the complexity of the building. And one more thing from the point of view of the consumer is very important. All these improvements are made without change of the budget cutters.

Official part of the event was opened Commercial Officer Novosel BF, he congratulated the employees to start work on a new project, and noted that the development of the construction of boats for different purposes gives new prospects MSSZ. In a solemn meeting was attended by Deputy. Director General of the Civil Code "Marine engineering" Klemin D. and deputy. Director-General of the PPP Lobanov GV

After the ceremony, the responsible officials signed the Act of laying the keel head office-crew boat RT14MT.


  • RRR class "+ O 2,0 / 1,2 hydroplane"
  • Length overall: 15.5 m
  • Beam: 4, 36 m
  • Draft: 1,25 m
  • Material: AMg
  • Speed: 22 knots.
  • Crew: 2 people.
  • Passengers: 6 people.
  • DG 2h243 kW
  • Propulsion 2hIPS

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