MSSZ laid the keel of the boat diving for Russian Navy

October 11, 2013 at JSC "Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair factory" (Moscow Shipyard) has taken the keel head diving boat project 14157 (page number number 105) for the needs of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

This is the first of a series of three diving boats, which will be built on Moscow Shipyard project of KB "Vympel". Letting scheduled for October 2014.
At the solemn meeting devoted to the ceremonial laying of the keel to the speech was made director general of "MSSZ" — Nemchin VV, in his opening speech that "the company was awarded the honor to contribute to the renewal and development of the navy. MSSZ At the beginning of the construction of an important the state order for the Ministry of Defense. Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair facility has established itself as a reliable partner, building and delivers the orders on time and with perfect quality, for it in 2012 for the recognition of the Agency for Marine and River Transport was awarded the "Industry Leader" . " Nemchin VV noted the high professionalism of the shipyard workers and thanked the staff for their hard work and wished him "seven feet under the keel of the" new ship.


The representative of the military office Shmeliov SA, congratulated the workers of the factory with a bookmark for a new enterprise project and noted the high level of responsibility and professionalism of MSSZ. This is the second project to be conducted under the supervision of the military office. At the end of the ceremony between officials signed the act of laying vessel.

The main purpose of the project 14157 boats will be the production and provision of diving operations on the open roads, harbors and coastal areas of the sea at a depth of 60 meters. Seaworthiness of the boat must ensure safe navigation in open roads and coastal areas at sea state up to 5 points, the production of diving operations at sea up to 3 points.

Supervised the construction of offshore diving boats 14157 147 project will carry out the military mission of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, we recall, at the beginning of August 2013 the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation established its "MSSZ" 147 military office responsible for overseeing the quality and acceptance of military products for Russian Navy . In December 2012 OJSC "Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair plant" received a permanent license from the Federal Service for Defense Contracts to carry out the development, production, testing, installation, assembly, maintenance, repair, recycling and sales of weapons and military equipment for the classes: martial boats (ETUC 1905) launches small general (ETUC 1940).

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