MSSZ passed the state. Commission head situational vessel of 3050

October 9, 2012 Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair factory has passed the state commission head situational vessel of 3050 Class PPP "P 1.2", serial number 201, was built under the State contract for the construction of the project: "Upgrade service fleet."

The vessel has a powerful deck crane manipulator allows set buoys, situational signs, make loading-unloading works.Situational vessel of 3050 (№ 201) will remain on MSSZ the winter sucks, before the opening of navigation in 2013, and in the spring will be transferred to the operating organization FBU "Cave GBUVPiS" (Republic of Komi).

A series of 27 modern situational vessels being built for the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport. They are intended to serve the floating and coastal waterway signs and marking, as well as to control the depth of the channel in all the rivers of Russia.

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