MSSZ prematurely passed situational vessel of 3050.1

JSC "Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair plant" in cooperation with "Shipyard. October Revolution" (Blagoveshchensk) presented and passed the state commission situational craft project 3050.1 (head number 241), built under the State contract to perform construction site "update service fleet" for the needs of the FBI "The administration Amurvodput." The vessel was put ahead of schedule ahead of schedule construction in five months, the press service of the shipyard. In the coming days, "Remez" will be put into operation in the area of Khabarovsk. 

A series of 12 modern situational vessels being built for the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport for businesses serving the inland waterways. Situational judgment are intended to serve the floating and coastal waterway signs and marking, as well as to control the depth of the channel in all the rivers of Russia. A characteristic feature of Project 3050.1 ships is that they are equipped with two cranes-manipulators in the fore and aft. Key Features:

  • Grade PPP "R1, 2 (20 ice)";
  • Overall length — 27.56 m;
  • width — 4.73 m;
  • draft — 0.9 m;
  • Full displacement — 72 tons;
  • speed — 10.8 knots.;
  • cruising range — 1600 miles;
  • endurance — 6 days.;
  • crew — 6 people.;
  • main power plant — diesel 6CHSP 13/14 — 85 kW.

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