MSSZ revives the construction of high-speed passenger hovercraft

OJSC "Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair plant" revives the legendary construction of high-speed passenger craft project "Ray" Hovercraft for long-distance and inter-regional traffic. An updated version of ships "Ray-M" will be entirely on the new, modern technological basis.

Distinctive features of "Ray-M" from the previous series "Ray":

As the main engine’s modern, powerful, lightweight and highly accelerated diesel company MAN. This engine has not only confidence to steer the boat in the water, but also save a lot on fuel costs. The reliability of the engine and performance are justified by time. The use of such an engine on board RAY-M increased the speed of the vessel up to 45 km / h.The updated version of the Ray-M mounted water cannon HamiltonJet, providing safety and convenience, minimum maintenance, maximum traction propulsion, as in the course of the front and back course, agility and efficiency.

The underwater hull RAY-M as a result of modernization has overcome sinking ship when it is on the wave. It is also possible to reduce the modernization wave formation, and this was a significant drawback of such ships, as wave formation led to a blurring of the coast and the death of fish fry, and as you know the reason why this type of ship operations at a number of rivers in the European part of Russia has been canceled.

To ensure the security of finding people on the open deck on the ship made the bulwarks, as well bulwark protects the ship from the rolling waves and the distinguishing feature of the new type of beam-M from the previous version is that the vessel is no longer draw water nose. Application bulwark significantly improved the aesthetic appearance of the vessel. The nose of the bulwarks reclines with a ladder to the possibility of raising the passengers on the ship with unequipped shore. The sides of the ship as there are gates to be able to pick up / drop off passengers.

Felling by RAY-M increased and raised the possibility of circular view (useful when docking). It is also in this location logging big wave does not fill the glass cutting, it also allows to operate the vessel without any difficulties encountered.

As an anti-noise insulation and sound absorbing mats used superfine fiber brand «Rockwool». These mats insulated bulkhead of the engine room, which significantly reduce the noise in the cabin, as well, the insulation is on the sides of the hull as thermal insulation.

The ship has a modern ventilation system, which includes the extraction system, air supply and air conditioning: air conditioning for 4 seats and one air conditioner in the cockpit. This system allowed the air crew and guests of the ship to ensure a comfortable swim in any weather conditions.

The floors on the "Ray-M" with a cork layer — the use of rough sex with a cork layer on planing boat extinguish vibration at a course on a rampage and improve soundproofing rooms.

The interior of the vessel is designed in such a way that both the crew and the ship, guests feel comfortable and cozy. In the design took into account the error of such courts. The interior is made of high quality non-flammable and non-toxic plastic high pressure.

The vessel RAY-M windows are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate that will not tarnish and has a solar control coating prevent ultraviolet radiation.

With the laptop crew members can carry out the necessary navigation calculations to study the charts, have technical and theoretical documentation in electronic form and at any time to use it without any difficulty. The notebook can get rid of the huge paper archives, as well as to always have on hand a huge online library.

The ship has 4 th life rafts, located on the roof of the superstructure. Inside, there are life jackets for each passenger and crew member, as well as provide 10 children’s life jackets.


  •  RRR class: "* RA"
  •  Length 23.31 m
  •  Width, 3.85 m
  • Draft 0,6 m
  • Total displacement, 23,71 m
  • Speed 45km / h
  • Cruising range of 320 km.
  • Endurance, 8h.
  • The crew / passengers, 2/57 people.
  •  Main propulsion: 520 hp

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