MSU is working on a super-powerful supercomputer capacity of up to 10 eksaflops


The supercomputer capacity up to 10 eksaflops can be created at the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov in the next couple of years, said University Rector Viktor Sadovnichiy.

Now the university is set supercomputer "Lomonosov" with a peak performance of 1.3 petaflops (10 in the fifteenth degree of computational floating-point operations per second). "I think that in the next year or two at the University of Moscow will create supercomputers already eksaflopsnoy speeds up to 10 eksaflops (10,000 petaflops). That is, we accept the challenge to continue to build these machines, "- said Sadovnichiy, speaking at the opening of the Sixth Moscow festival of science.

Eksaflopsny supercomputer can perform more than quintillion (10 to the eighteenth power) operations per second. Thus, the supercomputer to 10 eksaflops be several thousand times more powerful than the "University".

"Lomonosov" currently tops the list of the top 50 best performing supercomputers in the territory of Russia and CIS.

According to the data for the most recent ranking of the world’s most powerful supercomputers Top-500, published in June, "Lomonosov" took 13th place.

The most powerful supercomputer in the world is the Japanese system «K», which is the peak performance of 8.16 petaflops.

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