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Author: Raskalov

Recently in Moscow on his way was an old friend dedmaxopka and he and I sang our long-held dream. We visited on a star MSU. For three years, I thought it impossible to get here, but as the saying goes, impossible is possible, the main thing — desire.

Despite the fact that the spire is a separate elevator doors lock, the output duty military, is a whole bunch of sensors and cameras and equipment installed under the star of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Government Communication Office FSO, we have leaked inside and climbed to the top.People who visited illegally from 1990 until settled here when the military can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

About protection of the spire tell employees MSU (source):
"I do not know who looks into camera, but there is, in addition to physicists, working 4 more services — engineering (MSU), FSB, FSO and Feldegerskaya. FSB there I watch hour three-shift, about others I know nothing."

1. Sneak onto the star was very difficult, way up starting from the 28th floor, you must first go through the door code, go to the elevator and go up to the 33rd floor, out of the lift is steel doors, which opens on a call. Just outside the door two cameras can smile and shake hands with the military, which protects the object. In this case, the camera did not see the military was not. Next is all the more easier, stairs, grating and a star.

2. Let’s start right off with the shots down, we had to dodge serious to make such photos.


4. Business card MSU. The main avenue in front of the university, an observation deck and Luzhniki Stadium. Each of you has been here, only 267 meters below.

5. Monument to Mikhail Lomonosov in the square in front of the main building. Left Department of Physics, Chemistry right.

6. Lookout, Luzhniki. Classic.

7. Moskva River, TPS-12, center.

8. A view down to the ear of the star. From 1953 to the present time with a star fell many fragments. If you look closely, you can see the star in a small hole, it’s no glass, which falls on the balcony of the 32nd and 24th floors of the museum of Earth.

10. With regard to radiation in the steeple — it does not exist or it is quite weak, judging by the fact that some of FSO Schnick began to pass on the steeple of his friends ruferkov, which, in turn, is said to have tried to drive tours to the star for 30 thousand p.

11. Why words when stars in the sky. Star MSU has as many as 3 floors, inside it can move freely, it is possible that this is the biggest star in all of Moscow.


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dedmaxopka a reflection on the 1st floor of the star.

13. Small circular balcony around the spire of which soap who suspects. Its outer diameter — meter — half.


16. For public garden you can see the Fundamental Library of Moscow State University, built in 2005. Unexpectedly for Moscow for the library you will notice a vast wasteland of unprecedented size and GSK (kooporativ garage). At the site of a vacant lot or building which is prohibited because of the passing of one of the lines at the bottom of a secret underground-2. Also, in a vacant lot located one of the headgears of "Transinzhstroy" which deals directly with the construction of new branches of the secret underground. Mine serves Paramilitary Mountain Rescue Squad 21 FSI "UVGSCH in construction."


18. Luzhniki Stadium.

19. Completed House on Mosfilm — very unusual and interesting project, one of the best buildings in Moscow. In the background is complex MIBC "Moscow-City".

20. The bend of the Moskva River, Hotel Ukraina, Ostankino TV Tower.

21. Luzhniki Metro Bridge, Novoandreevsky road bridge and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

22. Great Moscow Circus — auditorium seats over 3000 people.

23. The first academic building of Moscow State University in the new territory.

24. This is one of the last frames because there was a strong cold wind, cold, and all the time coming to 23 hours, and the lifts at MSU, said tablets work only until 22.00. There was a risk to spend the night under the spire, but we were lucky. Under some shouting, perhaps, shouted to miss our hour, we flew into the elevator, pressed the first floor, doors closed, the elevator went down.

27. If you have a question as the first shots were made.

25. Thus ends the main building of Moscow State University.

26. General view.



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