MTA has entered the phase of practical implementation


A group of engineers from the company Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) came to Russia for further work on a joint Russian-Indian project to develop a military transport aircraft MTA (Multi-role Transport Aircraft).

This information was confirmed by the press-service of "UAC-Transport Aircraft" (this company is the lead developer of the aircraft).

In Russia will host the first stage of the program. It is expected to last 10 months. At this stage the Indian and Russian colleagues will determine the configuration of the MTA, the basic performance characteristics, compatibility and engine subsystems within the requirements of Sun India and Russia.

It is planned that after 60 months of development will be built five prototype aircraft for testing. It will be serial production in a total of 205 machine.

It is expected that the MTA will make its first flight in 2017, and its mass production will begin in 2019.

Confirmation from the Indian side:….com/ind…begins/494517/ 

 Work on Indo-Russian transport aircraft begins
Ajai Shukla / Bangalore Dec 04, 2012, 01:00 IST

The Indo-Russian project to jointly design a transport aircraft for militaries of both nations kicked off in Moscow on Monday, where 30 engineers from Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) began working with their Russian counterparts from the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) on the $ 600 -million project.

India and Russia are also collaborating in a $ 6-billion project to build an advanced fighter called the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft.

"Our team in Moscow informed us today they are now functional at the special design facility that Russia has set up," confirms NC Agarwal, the Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture company, called Multirole Transport Aircraft Ltd (MTA Ltd), which will design the aircraft.
The MTA will be capable of carrying 15-20 tonnes of payload; or 80 paratroopers; or 60 stretchers and operate from airfields as difficult as Leh, in Ladakh, J & K. After completing the design and testing of the MTA in 60 months, during which five prototypes will also be built, Russia and India will join hands in building 205 aircraft: 100 for the Russian Air Force (RAF); 45 for the Indian Air Force ( IAF); and 60 for export.

For the IAF, the MTA would be a much-needed replacement for the already phased out AN-12 and the ageing AN-32 transport aircraft. The MTA will be a mid-way choice, being smaller than the AN-12, but bigger than the AN-32. Both those aircraft were propeller-driven turboprops; the MTA will have a turbofan jet engine.

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