MTS launched the technology of high-definition voice across Russia

MTS announces the transition to the new coding standard signal in the transmission of voice traffic in the networks 3G — Wide Band AMR, which provides broadcast voices in the MTS network of the highest quality — HD-Voice. This provides broadcast voice with minimum distortion and provides high speech intelligibility voice and intonations.

New technology expands the transmission channel audio frequency several times — in the range of 3.4 to 300 thousand hertz to channel 50 to 7000 Hz and above, it can translate in cellular communication networks with minimal distortion and provides high voice intelligibility and speech intonations through acoustics and active noise control in most phones, HD-Voice.

Technology HD-Voice is automatically activated on the 3G networks of MTS throughout Russia and does not require additional configuration by the user. Voice transmission in high quality does not affect the cost of the call and is available to all subscribers of MTS in the range of a third-generation networks.
At the moment the technology HD-Voice support basic phone manufacturers — Alcatel, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, SonyEricsson, LG and others. 
"The standard does not change the voice from the middle of the last century, and the principles of speech coding is continuously developing. High level of development of 3G networks allow MTS to make a technological breakthrough, the first to introduce the technology of high-definition voice on its network throughout Russia.
This has given our customers the opportunity to hear the subtle nuances of speech intonation in conversation with each other, as if they are separated by distance, and communicate personally, "- said vice-president of MTS equipment Andrei Ushatsky.

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