MTT Group launched a Russian equivalent of Skype — international mobile service Beam

  • International mobile service Beam
  • International mobile service Beam

MOSCOW, Sept. 19 —, Inna Kudrin. "MTT Group" has launched an international mobile service Beam, which allows to make calls over the Internet to mobile and landlines around the world, said Thursday at a press conference, CEO Yevgeny Vasilyev.
 Service Beam released as a free application for mobile devices. At present, the application Beam spreads for devices based on the operating system Android, and in the fourth quarter of this year will show the version for the platform iOS.

© «MTT Group" International mobile service Beam

Several companies have developed a service included in the "MTT Group": "MTT Innovation" developed interface part and the core VoIP-applications, the Finnish company «MTT Oy» made it possible to provide services around the world, OJSC "MTT" provided VoIP-platform that provides routing calls and billing. In addition, the interface was involved in the development of British design company Winter. According to Vasilyev, the investment in the project amounted to about 100 million rubles.

One of the notable differences between the new service from similar solutions the company was named to clearly identify the caller, that is, when a call from a user at the destination Beam on the mobile device display lights reputed mobile phone number. This function is available without a paid option and requires no additional configuration. Also, check the subscriber is assigned a free international number (code 883-140) and if you want to make a call when the subscriber selects one of the rooms that will be displayed on the screen at the destination call.

Between a Beam users can chat for free. While calling on Moscow calls to fixed numbers will be charged as 0,644 rubles / min to mobiles — 2.02 rubles / minute, for Russia (except for Moscow and St. Peteburga) — 0,936 RUR / min to fixed numbers and 2.02 RUR / min — on mobile.

In order to use the service Beam, needs any access to the internet. The store Google Play to download the application and the service after the installation of the mobile device to register. After registration, the user already has a starting balance of $ 10 rubles. In addition, the display shows the state of balance and price per minute before the start of the call in real time, as well as the status of an online presence Beam contacts from Address Book phone. Also, users Beam is free instant messaging with each other. According to Vasilyev, the development of the service, considerable attention was also given to ensure the confidentiality and security negotiations.

«Beam was originally developed as an international service: it has a Multi-currency payments and multi-language interface. For each country or region and the service interface is the most adaptable. At the start of the main growth we expect not only in Russia but also in the countries of Southeast Asia, South America, the Arab region. During 2014 we expect to receive up to 5,000,000 units applications "- said Artem Litvinov, CEO of" MTT Innovation. " He added that the company has made a big bet on the Arab countries, they have more than 50% of all application downloads.

The company believes that one of the drivers of subscriber growth Beam will become partners, including the manufacturers of smart phones and portable devices such as Fly and Prestigio. At present, agreed to preinstall the application Beam on their devices, and negotiations are under way with other manufacturers of smartphones.

At the moment, the service interface is available in English, Russian and Arabic, in the near future he will be transferred to another 12 languages including German, French, and Chinese.

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