Multi-purpose missile system Kornet-EM will show for the first time at the MAKS-2011

In August, at the MAKS-2011 SUE "Instrument Design Bureau" (KBP Tula) will present the first multi-purpose vsesutochny high-precision long-range missile system to deal with land and air targets, with automatic, fully noise-laser-beam control system "Kornet-EM" .
The new missile capable of striking the current and future tanks equipped with reactive armor, lightly armored vehicles, fortifications, surface and air targets (UAVs, helicopters, planes attack aircraft).

"Kornet-EM" has 8 missiles ready to fire, with full ammunition 16 pcs. Volley firing at two targets significantly increases the rate and rate of fire. The system allows for the firing of rockets by all the family "Kornet-E."

The main performance characteristics of the complex:
— Min — 150 m
— Max — 10,000 m,
control system — automatic with body-orientation in the laser beam,
Immunity — high,
the number of simultaneously engaged targets in one gulp — 2,
armor-piercing shaped-charge warhead — 1100-1300 mm
TNT equivalent of high explosive warhead — 7 kg,
Ammo — 16 pcs.,
— Including ready to fire — 8 pcs.,
the translation of traveling to combat — 7.

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