Multiclet: completed internal testing of the first batch of processors multicellular

Go toompany "Multiclet" announces completion of internal testing of the first pilot batch of multicellular processors, released in June.

, The following parameters of the processor:

crystal with topological 180nm 10×10 mm QFP-208 package, which is due peripherals: 2 SPI interface with the selector "slave" devices (in the "master"), 4 UART UART c FIFO for transmission / reception, 2 I2C interfaces (one "master" and a "slave"), interface I2S, Ethernet controller 10/100Mbps, USB 1.1 FS (device) controller with a serial interface for connecting an external transceiver, Real Time Clock with Calendar, 7 general-purpose timers 4 input-output port, the total number of input-output — 104, 4-channel PWM controller, watchdog timer.

Choosing the topological rules 180 nm due to the cost of initial development and testing, as well as the intended use of the microprocessor.

Details of multicellular architecture, on the basis of which the microprocessor MCp0411100101 is on the company’s website in the support, general technical information. The text "The concept of multicellular processor" provides detailed information about the description of the principles of construction and processing, as well as its architectural features.

"In the course of our test developers confirmed previously filed by the microprocessor performance, processor and peripherals operate normally, — said General Director of JSC" Multiclet " Boris Zyryanov. — It is important that the results obtained during the test numbers indicate the broad potential of multicellular architecture. " 

Thus, the results of testing on the task CFFT 256, executed in 2487 for the measure to the capacity of a 32-bit processor power MCp0411100101 is 0,45 mW / Mflops. In those figures to the same topological rate and the supply voltage at the multicellular processor MCp0411100101 power consumption is 3 times lower than even the only one IP core ARM VFP9-S or ARM VFP 10. The developers emphasize that the comparison is to identify the potential of multicellular architecture, and is not intended to set up the positioning of the first multicellular microprocessor in absolute terms. 

During the tests, the developers also confirmed the previously stated clock speed for performance Sommercial (0 … +70 ° C) to 100 MHz performance and 2,4 Gflops. Bit Processor — 32/64 bits. The data memory multicellular processor MCp0411100101 is 128Kb, program memory — 128KB (for storing executable code should apply an external serial FLASH ROM XCF04S). Multicellular processor designed for assembler and C compiler.

Thus, we can safely say that in Russia there was a microprocessor with its own unique architecture that can compete with foreign counterparts.

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