Multiclet SilTerra and strengthen strategic partnership

General Director of "Multiclet"Boris Zyryanovmade a working visit to Malaysia. During the visit, several meetings were held with representatives of Malaysian companies — partners Multiclet producing multicellular processors.

The first in a program of business events has been planned visit to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, where the official meeting of the general director of "Multiclet" withJames Pang, Director Jatronics Sdn. Bhd, — partner of "Multiclet" in the encapsulation of crystals. During the meeting, the participants discussed a number of issues related to the main areas of cooperation.

The next item on the working of the trip was a Malaysian factory SilTerra — the largest Asian manufacturer of microprocessors. The meeting was attended by representatives of various departments of the factory, including: Senior Director of Sales and MarketingPankaj Gadaniand Senior Vice PresidentDr. Ankineedu Velaga.

During the meeting, the participants presented their side of the company by reviewing their activities and achievements. In his speech, General Director of "Multiclet"Boris ZyryanovSilTerra told representatives of the uniqueness of multicellular processors, released at the factory, the potential and actual benefits of multicellular architecture, based on which processors are developed, as well as future plans for the company. The speech was received with great interest, SilTerra representatives indicated that they are pleased to participate in such a unique for the global microelectronics project.

The meeting was also a discussion about the long-term cooperation, the two sides confirmed their intention to establish a strategic partnership, and to determine the approximate starting date of the production of the following parties multicellular products: May 2013 — a new product in the line of microprocessors series "P", focused on high performance with minimal power consumption ( specific characteristics will be published later), October 2013 — the first in a line of "L" series failover multicellular crystal.

In conclusion, the experts SilTerra a tour of the factory, spoke about the production process and demonstrated capacity. "The factory operates 1,200, which is 3 times less than the number of people working on the same process technology at other factories. These figures indicate a high production optimization SilTerra », — shared his impressionsBoris Zyryanov.


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