Multifunction mobile robotics ultralight class SUV-TM3

"ATV-TM3" — multifunctional mobile robotic system (MRC) ultralight class, which is designed to solve problems in difficult and dangerous places for a person. Its features provide management of television facilities and areas of exploration, survey the hazardous and other suspicious objects and devices in buildings and areas, as well as vehicles, delivery, installation, and remote actuation destroyers explosive devices "Knock out E" or "Knock out-KM . "

RTO calculation "All-Terrain-TM3" includes 2 people who lead his embattled for 15 minutes.

MRC "SUV TMZ" can be used in areas with a temperate climate.

The structure includes a base module IRAs, paddle, board set the remote control system, a coil with a cable for control, remote control and charger.

The complex is characterized by high operational reliability (MTBF of at least 1000 hours), long life (7 years to retirement) and a common resource of at least 1000 hours. Producer MRK "All-Terrain-TM3" guarantees 12 months and 200 hours of uninterrupted operation within that period.

"ATV-TM5" just like its predecessor, is a multifunctional mobile robotics ultralight class. From its counterpart with more capabilities to fulfill dangerous to human problems.

Among the wide range of soluble complex tasks such as the maintenance of visual exploration with the television system, search for and identification of suspicious objects in the terrain, buildings, inspection of vehicles and other places; neutralization of explosive devices with the destroyers "2P1-U", "2p4 , "" Knock out-KM "," Typhoon ", transportation of cargo weighing up to 30 kg using the paddle and pull carts; perform other processing operations to ensure access to explosive devices (RD), including opening the doors of premises and vehicles using keys knock-out locks with destroyers and others.

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