Multifunctional Hospital opened in Argun


In the city of Argun opened Central City Hospital № 1 The opening ceremony was attended by hospital head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of the Government of the Czech Republic Edelgeriev Abubakar, head of the Administration of the Head of the Government of the Czech Republic and Mohammed Daud 1st Deputy Prime Minister Isa Tumhadzhiev the Czech Republic, the Vice- Prime Minister on the social block Dulaeva Khadija, the Mufti of the Republic Sultan Mirzayev, Minister of Health of the CR Shahid Ahmad and other officials.

Kadyrov has congratulated the residents of Argun with the opening of the central city hospital.

"We see that the Argun transformed before our eyes. There are built modern houses, social facilities, roads and communications. The level of life. The opening of the hospital, where have all the conditions for doctors and patients, is another indicator of the well-being of city residents, "- said the head of the republic.

He thanked Daudova M. and I. Tumhadzhieva, supervising the progress of construction work. Chechen President also noted the diligent labor of the workers who built the hospital building. Five builders Kadyrov presented letters of appreciation.

Minister of Health of the Czech Republic Shahid Ahmadov noted that the new hospital will be a highly skilled medical staff to work.

"The opening of this hospital — a significant event not only for Argun, but the entire country. The city has a strategic importance over the Argun laid the federal highway, but still there was not a normal hospital. Doctors huddled in adapted premises barracks. Today, it offers a modern, multi-functional hospital. It created the best conditions for medical care ", — said S. Ahmad.

The minister said that in the hospital 200 beds and it is designed for 250 visits per shift. The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment.

In turn, the mayor of Argun Ibrahim Temirbaev on behalf of the citizens expressed gratitude for the construction of Ramzan Kadyrov in the facility.

"The residents of Argun heartily thank you. They are well aware of your contribution to the reconstruction and development of the city. Attention is given to all areas of life Argun: health, education, and culture. We will not be able to repay you for all that you are doing for us, but we promise to be your faithful companions and helpers, "- said the mayor of Argun.

After cutting the red ribbon symbolic head of state, together with the participants examined the interior of the ceremony.

The hospital consists of eight buildings, which are located in 10 departments: surgery, trauma, intensive care, therapeutic, gynecology, maternity, emergency room and 3 children’s department. Its territory also built a mosque, broken seating area — a park with fountains.

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