MUP of Kostroma received keys to new apartments

Today, 80 families of Kostroma police noted housewarming. Keys to new apartments they received from the hands of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva. This is the third house, which was built in the regional center in recent years, especially for the employees and veterans of the Interior Ministry in the federal money.   

Head of the Department of Juvenile Svetlana Buyanova waiting for this day for almost 16 years. Now, said police Lieutenant, all the hardships of life pales before the opportunity to arrange at will his apartment. 

Svetlana Buyanova, head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs PDN by the Kostroma region: "Feeling overwhelmed, very excited because their homes were not. The child dreams of her room. Grateful to our leadership, the management area for taking the opportunity to build a house for what we care about. "

The regional government and the department itself promised that this will continue in the future, as long as the demand for housing will not be fully satisfied. Today in the queue for housing 123 police officers. Under the new home for them has now been identified land and selected contractor.

Vladimir Kolokoltchev, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation: "We are doing everything possible to police profession was not only dangerous but socially guaranteed, protected."

Sergei Sitnikov, governor of Kostroma region: "Today I have all of Kostroma, from all citizens who serve in the police to thank the Ministry for the care that manifests including our compatriots, well, those who currently receive the keys, like would like to wish good and pleasant hassle, so what would be a new place granted the joy of life, the joy of family, the joy of all of you! Thank you. "

A nice feature of this house warming — the tenants do not meet the bare walls, but in the literal sense, well-appointed apartment with quality finishes, expensive wallpaper and even household appliances. And importantly, the new apartments will not departmental. Even before the new year, each new settler has the ability to make home ownership.

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