Murmansk border guards got two boat project 12200 Sobol

July 4 Murmansk guards guarding the maritime borders in the north, were two new boat project 12200 "Sobol": PSC-313 and PSC-314. This is the first such boats for the Coast Guard in the Arctic. The ceremonial raising of the flag of St. Andrew by the naval tradition is the birthday of the ship.

On the pier — the personnel of both boats. Rear Admiral announces order for entry of ships in operation, commanders handed naval flags. The crews climb aboard. The new flag is attached to the gaff, before lifting it remains exactly one minute. The entire crew on the upper deck in full uniform, sounds command officer of the watch.

All are on the top deck of the pier and turn their heads to the side of the flag. At the same time raise the jack, stengovye flags and colorization. Raise the flag, as they say in the Navy, "to the place."

It is believed that the flag should not flutter around the clock on the flagpole. In the morning the sun rises, he must rise and descend in the evening. On weekdays, the flags on the ships of the Navy lifted at 8 am, on Sundays and public holidays — an hour later.

"As of this date, the boat will annually celebrate his birthday. Let’s say that the birth of a child. Begins its chronology. Accordingly, all of this will be a start date: the life boats, all repairs "- with a speech by Boris Mironov, lieutenant, commander of border patrol boat of the" Sable ".

Now the flag at anchor shall keep a designated hour. During the battle flag is protected by all crew members. If during the battle flag knock, he was immediately replaced by another, so that the opponent did not think that the ship surrendered.

In parts of the sea border troops for more than a dozen of these boats. Most are used for the protection of the southern and western borders. Their main feature — the high speed traffic. After all, the main objective is to intercept ships offenders.


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