Murmansk commercial port reached a record volume of coal

According to the results of operation of JSC "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port" (MITI) in May 2012 reached the highest in its history, the amount of coal. During the month of shipment of coal through the port reached 1,226,657 tons.

Director General of MITI Alexander Shvec believes that "this result was made possible by the coordinated work of the staff of Port and optimization, warehouse."

Currently, the port is realized investment program to upgrade the equipment and reorganizing storage, aimed at further increasing the amount of coal.

Cargo operations at the port are produced around the clock, seven days a week and holidays, year-round.

A special place in handling transshipment port is coal. Murmansk Commercial Sea Port is the largest and the only major transit point of coal in the North Sea basin. Through the port of Murmansk now exported more coal than the ports of St. Petersburg, Kandalaksha, Vyborg and Vysotsk together. The main direction of exports — is Western Europe, particularly Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK and others.
Of "MCS" is the main link of the Murmansk transport hub development program which is part of the federal target program "Modernization of transport system of Russia" and provides for the construction on the shores of the Kola Bay four new terminals and a number of infrastructure.

Implementation of this program will increase the annual turnover of the Murmansk transport hub by 2020, about 5 times (up to 80 million tons), as well as qualitatively transform the socio-economic situation of the area and the standard of living of its population, to the dynamism of the region in the long term and contribute to the transition of the economy to innovative development.

Port of Murmansk is the base port for the development of navigation along the Northern Sea Route, the value of which in recent years has increased.

In the future, the port of Murmansk will be positioned as an international deepwater hub center, which harmoniously fit into the structure of the global transport and logistics system.

"Murmansk Commercial Sea Port" has for seventeen berths with a total length of about 3,000 meters. The length and depth at the berths and can take place under the handle vessels with a draft of 15.5 meters, a length of over 265 meters and a deadweight of up to 150,000 tons. Since early 1999, the port successfully handles PANAMAX type vessels carrying up to 80,000 tons with an intensity of up to 20,000 tons per day.

The port is equipped with modern high technology: gantry cranes of up to 40 tons loader for transfer of apatite concentrate production capacity of over 1,000 tons per hour, lift trucks with load capacity from 1.5 to 45 tons. For auxiliary operations are available trucks and roll-trailers up to 60 tons, bulldozers, tractors and other equipment.

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